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Case Study

Community Forum

Designed to provide global gamers a space to cultivate community, give feedback, and adopt the EA application.



UX/UI Designers: Vida Loose, Ashley Hultman, Carmen Cheang & Carly Ji; Web Developers: Gurpreet Randhawa, Leo Chen & Vivi Schulz

Vancouver, BC



December 2nd-3rd, 2022

Figma, Google Surveys


We were tasked with the 

Ensure that the EA App is adopted by current EA users by creating an online community to connect and give feedback on their experience.

Secondary Research:

2.69 billion gamers worldwide in 2020 and a revenue of over $159.3 billion US dollars.

Gen Z and Millennials make up the highest proportion of gamers, with 81% of Gen Z identifying as gamers and 77% of Millennials.

Video games are socially interactive - players are gaming online, with friends and strangers, crossing vast cultural and geographical distances

Target Demographic:

Gen Z and Millennials who currently play video games, located globally

Primary Research:

we created an online survey and were able to gather insights from 10 respondents who met our demographic criteria

  • 80% of respondents stated they’re more likely to play a game on a platform that offers a community feature.

  • 60% said they prefer communities with good moderators, funny posts, and online presence from gaming companies.

  • 50% said they’d be more likely to engage in a community where others were looking for new people to play with.

  • Only 20% don’t use the community function regularly.



Our secondary and primary research insights allowed us to narrow down our How Might We Question to: How might we provide Gen Z and Millennial gamers with a space  where they can foster a sense of community, feel connected, provide feedback
and adopt the EA application?

User Persona:

Current User Journey with Candid Carson: Caron’s current user flow is that he’s done work, wants to check out the latest posts, so he logs onto the EA Forum, and realizes he has to click on a specific game and then can only see posts about that game. Instead, he clicks away and goes to Steam, where he can see the most popular, latest, and trending posts across all the games he plays. 

Brand Identity:

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